There isn't enough time or space here to  highlight all the great adventures, experiences, events, people and places that make Australia arguably the most awesome country on the face of the planet, but we want to share it with the world. 


You can help simply by caring, wearing and sharing when you buy one of our great Australian made tees. Upload a shot of you wearing it to Facebook and tell everybody about your part in the Land of Awesome. 



All my life I have been surrounded by wonderful, strong, healthy women from mother, grandmothers, aunts, sister, sister-in-law, special friends, niece and now, great niece. None have had to deal with cancer and I hope it will remain that way. Just incase and for the wonderful ladies of our great southern land, pink print tees support female cancer research and causes.


Like most boys growing up, my father was my hero and my brother, to this day, is my best friend. Thanks to my brother and sister, I have a niece and three nephews who are like my very own children. I don’t want them to follow my own cancer experience and blue print tees supporting prostate and testicular cancer is a no brainer.  


Every child is a precious gift. My niece and nephews are amongst the greatest joys in my life and I know I couldn’t bear to lose any of them. Preventative research is a must and for those less fortunate, the yellow print tees supporting childhood cancer research and childhood palliative care facilities and the families who use them are an absolute priority.


I had the honour and privilege of home caring for both my parents through their final years and understand the impact of good diet and exercise on heart health. Unfortunately, a failing mitral valve contributed to my mothers ultimate demise. Something that these days could have been easily rectified, thanks to research and advances. Red print tees are the obvious choice to support such research initiatives.


Our awesome country experiences a range of conditions and disasters through drought, flood, bushfire and cyclones, often in the same year or even month. Nature doesn’t care about your age, race, religion, gender, sexuality or bank balance. City, coast to country, we are all eventually affected and as AWESTRALIANS, should give a hand up, rather than hand out whenever possible. Most in need are too proud for hand outs anyway. Green and gold are the colours of our nation and green print tees are in support of disaster relief and appeals.


Any loss of life through suicide is something I see as being a loss for all of us. Regardless if it’s due to mental health, bullying, financial pressure or whatever, in most cases, it’s a fight we can win. Precious youth, troubled teenagers, lonely seniors, isolated farmers etc are all of equal, importance, value and entitlement. The young child bullied to death for being gay and now lost to the world, may have been the next superstar, brilliant surgeon or the researcher of tomorrow who finds one of mankind’s medical holy grails and saves the day. Rainbow print tees support a brighter and inclusive future for all. 

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